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November 22, 2016
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Brock Osweiler’s start in Houston has been a mixed bag of mediocrity.

The Texans highly-paid quarterback displays a big arm but has thrown six interceptions to just five touchdowns.

Coach Bill O’Brien said he’s not pestered by the picks.

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“Am I concerned? No, I’m not,” O’Brien said, via “I believe that it will get fixed. I think that overall Brock has played well for us. Other than the two interceptions, I thought the guy played a good football game for us (against Tennessee). Got us into the right plays, good tempo, so we just need to stop turning the ball over and I think a lot goes into that. Not just one player.”

Osweiler’s tendency to force balls into tight spaces is partially a result of panicking in the face of pressure. The 6-foot-8 quarterback has a tendency to get rattled by pressure, especially up the gut, and lose his progression.

In Week 4 he got two balls intercepted when targeting DeAndre Hopkins. Five of Osweiler’s six interceptions have been targeting Nuk.

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“I wouldn’t call it trying to force the ball to Hop. I would call it I need to make a more accurate throw,” Osweiler said. “There is a fine line of do you try to force your No. 1 wide receiver the football? But in those cases I don’t think we were forcing anything, I just think I need to make better decisions and throw more accurate footballs.”

As teams get more film on Osweiler — a quarterback with a mere 11 starts under his belt — smarter and quicker decisions will become more vital to avoiding picks.

O’Brien reiterated he’s not worried about the interceptions, saying there were “a couple that haven’t been good decisions that we have to clean up,” and noted some were a product of poor play calls.

Will Fuller has been a revelation this season. The rest of the Texans’ offense has room to improve. Getting left tackle Duane Brown back soon should upgrade an offensive line that has been hammered in both the run and passing game.

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Houston Texans Nike Game JerseySunday against a Minnesota Vikings defense that has made MVP-level quarterbacks look pedestrian this season seems unlikely the game Brock breaks out.

Could flopping become more of a mainstream talking point in the NFL? Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is trying to bring it to the forefront after an alleged incident cost him a kick return touchdown against the Texans on Sunday.

The defensive holding call (the whistle was blown on Steven Nelson, who was blocking Texans corner Charles James) came with 2:43 to go in the fourth quarter. Kansas City was trailing by 10 points and the touchdown would have put the team within a field goal with one possession potentially remaining. They had no timeouts, but the two-minute warning.

“(James) knew he was outflanked, so he literally flopped,” Reid said, via The Kansas City Star. “Nelson put his hands out, put him down and the kid just jumped into his body. Obviously from the officials’ perspective it didn’t look like that.”

Reid likely had a better view than we did. During the television broadcast and coach’s film replay, all we have is a heightened look at something that happened well away from the action. We only really see James spilling into view after Chiefs returner Tyreek Hill blazes by. Right after the call, Reid appears absolutely flabbergasted.

Without seeing it at the field level, though, it’s impossible to know James’ intent. James has always been a gamer and it’s hard to imagine him simply dropping just to gain an advantage on the play. And if he did? Good for him, he sold it well enough to keep the game in hand for the Texans. We’ve praised quarterbacks, punters, receivers and defensive backs for years thanks to their ability to draw a flag.

Reid knows the game comes down to a few more plays than that. Had the Chiefs scored, they still would have needed an onside kick or an incredibly fortuitous Texans drive afterward. With the two-minute warning included, the team wouldn’t have had much time to mount a game-tying field goal drive anyway.

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